Feelings that linger forever.
Memories that are ambiguously but certainly there.
Sense of loss that keeps me alive here.

What remains of memories is often a sensuous and vague thing such as a sense of touch, temperature, or scent of air, and emotion associated with that feeling.

Made for those of who know the sadness and pains of living, yet living strongly, Adnohia’s jewelry is designed with a focus on forms and texture to speak directly to the wearer’s sense of nostalgia.

To wear her creation is to accept the past, to celebrate the strength within self and to keep moving forward for beautiful memories in the future.


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A purposefully ambiguous line of beautiful and surreal forms that convey an expression of self-exploration, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. The collection is inspired by living things in nature, but reduced to their defining elements and reconstructed as new concepts of wearable sculpture.


One-of-a-kind pieces handmade with the philosophy of wabi-sabi in mind that is to embrace flaw and imperfection. Bold and simple designs are meant for everyday uses - for a piece to become a part of wearer and marks of wear to represent the history of the person.


Designed for the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) Art Jewels Contest. The piece was designed in the way it would cast shadows on wearer's wrist, so that ever changing shadow would represent the passage of time. Chosen as one of five pieces to be showcased at SMK.

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